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Chapter: 9M - State Commission of Investigation.

52:9M-1: State Commission of Investigation.

52:9M-1.1: Terms of member appointed after December 1, 1978.

52:9M-1.2: Terms of members of the State Commission of Investigation serving on or appointed after the effective date of P.L.2005, c.58 (C.52:9M-1.2 et al)

52:9M-1.3: Limitation on terms of certain members.

52:9M-2: Duties and powers

52:9M-3: Investigation of removal of public officers and recommendations on administration and enforcement of law

52:9M-4: Investigation of departments or agencies

52:9M-4.1: Public hearing; notice to President of Senate and Speaker of General Assembly

52:9M-4.2: Advice to Governor and legislature of recommendations

52:9M-4.3: Recommendations concerning pending bill or resolution; advice to sponsor and chairman of standing legislative committee

52:9M-5: Cooperation with law enforcement officials

52:9M-6: Investigations of federal law violations

52:9M-7: Law enforcement problems extending into other states

52:9M-8: Referral of certain information to Attorney General, exceptions

52:9M-8.1: Written notice to Attorney General of intention to issue report

52:9M-9: Commission employees; appointment removal, compensation, status

52:9M-10: Annual, interim reports to Governor, Legislature

52:9M-11: Commission to keep public informed

52:9M-12: Commission's powers; witnesses

52:9M-12.1: Witnesses at hearing, rights, notice, statement

52:9M-12.2: Notification to person criticized; response.

52:9M-13: Construction of sections 2 through 12 of act

52:9M-14: Cooperation and assistance of state departments and agencies

52:9M-15: Disclosure of information, violation, penalties; privilege, certain; OPRA not applicable.

52:9M-16: Exhibits; impounding by court

52:9M-17: Grant of immunity to criminal prosecution or penalty; contempt; incarceration

52:9M-17.1: Failure to answer questions after order; penalty

52:9M-18: Partial invalidity

52:9M-20: Special committee established in June of 2000