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Chapter: 9Q - Creation

52:9Q-1: Creation

52:9Q-2: Members; appointment; term of office; compensation

52:9Q-3: Chairman and vice-chairman; organization

52:9Q-4: Secretary; duties

52:9Q-5: Meetings

52:9Q-6: Rules of procedure

52:9Q-7: Duties and powers

52:9Q-8: Employees

52:9Q-9: Short title

52:9Q-10: Findings, declarations.

52:9Q-11: Definitions

52:9Q-12: Capital City Redevelopment Corporation.

52:9Q-13: General powers.

52:9Q-13.1: Additional powers of corporation.

52:9Q-13.2: Issuance of bonds by corporation.

52:9Q-13.3: Powers of corporation relative to bonds.

52:9Q-13.4: Bonds negotiable.

52:9Q-13.5: Covenants, agreements with bond holders.

52:9Q-13.6: Pledge of revenues, other moneys valid, binding.

52:9Q-13.7: No liability for bonds.

52:9Q-14: Capital City District

52:9Q-15: Duties of corporation

52:9Q-16: Executive director

52:9Q-17: Capital City Renaissance Plan

52:9Q-18: Capital District Impact Statement

52:9Q-19: Capital City Redevelopment Loan and Grant Fund.

52:9Q-20: Financing of projects

52:9Q-21: Considerations

52:9Q-22: Removal, relocation of public utility facilities

52:9Q-24: Acquisition of real property.

52:9Q-25: Annual budget; plan for expenditures.

52:9Q-26: Annual report

52:9Q-27: Assistance