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Title: 6 - AVIATION

Chapter: 1 - Purpose

6:1-1: Purpose

6:1-2: Definitions

6:1-9: Powers and duties of commission; traffic and field rules; aircraft standards; commission's records and reports

6:1-11: Power to subpoena; penalty for failure to obey

6:1-12: Pilots to have federal license; certificate to be carried and shown on demand

6:1-13: Aircraft to be licensed and registered by department of commerce

6:1-14: Exceptions to preceding sections

6:1-15: Licensing of airports and landing fields

6:1-16: Display of circle or cross markers on airports or landing fields

6:1-17: Exhibitions to be licensed

6:1-18: Flying aircraft while under influence of liquors or drugs; passengers

6:1-19: Violations; penalty

6:1-20: Purpose

6:1-21: Definitions

6:1-29: Powers and duties of the commissioner; adoption of rules, regulations and orders

6:1-30: Powers and duties of director

6:1-31: Commission: hearings; information; records; reports

6:1-32: Commission: safety devices and facilities; markings; hazards to avigation

6:1-33: Police and departmental co-operation

6:1-34: Licenses: aircraft; requirement for

6:1-35: Licenses: aircraft; provisions for

6:1-37: Identification of aircraft

6:1-38: Licenses: pilots, requirement for

6:1-40: Licenses: possession; inspection

6:1-42: Licenses: air meets, exhibitions, et cetera

6:1-43: Use of emergency facility or facility operated exclusively by and for government; license for aeronautical activity; fixed base operation

6:1-44: Licenses; aviation facilities and temporary landing areas

6:1-44.1: Licenses or certificates for operation of aeronautical facilities and fixed base operations; expiration; fee.

6:1-44.2: Effective date

6:1-44.3: Directory of airports in New Jersey.

6:1-45: Licenses: modification; suspension; revocation

6:1-46: Examination and inspection; pilots and aircraft

6:1-47: Licenses: burden of proof

6:1-48: Periodical inspection: aircraft, airports, avigation facilities, et cetera

6:1-50: Rules, regulations and orders; posting; service; filing

6:1-50.1: Verification of identity of pilots renting aircraft.

6:1-50.2: Regulations.

6:1-51: Investigation of aircraft accidents, hearings

6:1-52: Depositions: records; findings, witness fees and expenses; testimony of commissioners or director

6:1-53: Review

6:1-59: Penalties

6:1-59.1: Violations or failure to have license; penalties and costs.

6:1-60: Constitutionality

6:1-61: Evidence regarding safety of methods of operation of aircraft and airports, duty to furnish; notice

6:1-62: Refusal to furnish evidence; injunction against using airports

6:1-80: Findings, declarations

6:1-81: Short title

6:1-82: Definitions

6:1-83: Airport safety zones, delineation

6:1-84: Uses within airport safety zones, standards

6:1-85: Municipal ordinance to meet State standards

6:1-85.1: Municipal notice to owners

6:1-85.2: Sellers' notice to buyers

6:1-86: Nonconforming use; permits; fees

6:1-87: Injunctions

6:1-88: Acquisition of interest in property or nonconforming structure

6:1-89: Short title.

6:1-90: Findings, declarations.

6:1-91: Definitions.

6:1-92: "Airport Safety Fund."

6:1-93: Permitted uses of Airport Safety Fund.

6:1-94: Qualifications for assistance from airport safety fund; factors considered in granting application for assistance; certification requirements

6:1-95: Powers of commissioner.

6:1-95.1: Submission of summary of terms, conditions to Legislature.

6:1-96: Rules and regulations

6:1-97: Aircraft exempt from taxation

6:1-98: Governor's Air and Space Medal

6:1-100: Definitions relative to airport employment restrictions; criminal history record checks