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Chapter: 3 -

app.a:3-1: Definitions

app.a:3-2: Grants or loans; application and acceptance

app.a:3-3: Authorization by resolution; referendum

app.a:3-4: Bond issue; form of statement; publication of resolution

app.a:3-5: Financing projects; municipal bonds authorized; special assessments as liens.

app.a:3-6: Sale of bonds to federal government

app.a:3-7: Municipality may contract with federal government

app.a:3-8: Sale of securities to federal government

app.a:3-9: Form, terms and conditions of bonds, notes or other instruments

app.a:3-10: Other legislation not affected

app.a:3-11: Pending proceedings under other law; continuance

app.a:3-12: Intent and construction of act; partial invalidity

app.a:3-13: Effective date

app.a:3-14: Paying off refunding bonds; specific appropriations

app.a:3-15: Approval of budget or tax ordinance by state auditor; expenses of audit

app.a:3-16: Trust fund to meet payments

app.a:3-17: Effect of act as contract; enforcement

app.a:3-18: Powers, duties and obligations cumulative; tax rate

app.a:3-19: Effective date

app.a:3-20: Application for federal grant for new armories, additions and alterations authorized

app.a:3-21: Existing sites may be used; expenditures authorized

app.a:3-22: Effective date

app.a:3-23: Amount of federal grant for which quartermaster general may apply, increased

app.a:3-24: Existing sites may be used; expenditures authorized

app.a:3-25: Effective date

app.a:3-26: Appropriation for engineering, architectural and supervision services; limitation

app.a:3-27: Effective date

app.a:3-28: State appropriations or balances for armory purposes may be combined and treated as unit

app.a:3-29: Effective date

app.a:3-30: Applications for funds

app.a:3-31: Contracts by State Highway Commissioner with federal government

app.a:3-32: Contract apportioning costs on State aid county or municipal road or bridge; raising of funds by municipalities

app.a:3-33: Expenditure of highway funds on project within State highway system; transfer of funds; substitution of projects

app.a:3-34: Partial invalidity

app.a:3-35: Appointments or assignments to employment from relief rolls; exception

app.a:3-36: Award of contracts after advertising; statements in advertisement

app.a:3-37: Application of supplementary act

app.a:3-38: Use of allotted funds as sponsor's share of any project undertaken

app.a:3-39: Waiver of statutory provisions for matching funds