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Chapter: 4 - Tax exemption

app.a:4-8: Tax exemption

app.a:4-9: Payment in lieu of taxes; default

app.a:4-10: Local approval of reclamation project

app.a:4-11: Application of act

app.a:4-12: Effective date

app.a:4-12.1: Taxation of state park lands; L.1933, c. 438, p. 1228, repealed

app.a:4-12.2: Refund to municipalities

app.a:4-12.3: Effective date

app.a:4-13: Disposition of water system revenues to meet bonds issued pursuant to contract with federal government

app.a:4-14: Effective date

app.a:4-19: Power to issue bonds; purposes

app.a:4-20: Name of bonds; ordinance; procedure; details

app.a:4-21: Maturity; maximum amount; debt statement or limitation

app.a:4-22: Provisions of ordinance

app.a:4-23: Sale price; exchange or sale of bonds

app.a:4-24: Irregularities not to affect bonds; pledge of municipality's credit

app.a:4-25: Budget provisions

app.a:4-26: Estimating cash receipts; surplus revenues; anticipations, etc.

app.a:4-27: Ordinances submitted to state auditor; adoption; auditor's expenses included; contractual effect of certain provisions of law

app.a:4-28: Definitions

app.a:4-29: Powers cumulative

app.a:4-30: Constitutional severability of provisions

app.a:4-31: Effective date

app.a:4-31.1: Bonds to refer to original act; definitions

app.a:4-31.2: Tax receipts may be anticipated in estimating appropriation for reserve for uncollected taxes

app.a:4-31.3: Proceeds of sale of notes deemed cash receipts

app.a:4-31.4: Issue of special tax notes authorized; requisites and effect

app.a:4-31.5: Budget provision for payment of outstanding notes

app.a:4-31.6: Pledge of delinquent special tax receipts to payment of notes; resolution; covenants and effect; remedies

app.a:4-31.7: Construction of act as affecting contracts

app.a:4-31.8: State not obligated

app.a:4-31.9: Partial invalidity of act not to affect remainder

app.a:4-31.10: Effective date

app.a:4-31.11: Postponement of payment of moneys due school district from municipality; budget

app.a:4-32: Refunding bonds; power to issue

app.a:4-33: Duration of power

app.a:4-35: Details of issue and sale; selling price; ordinance

app.a:4-36: Bond recitals conclusive evidence of validity; publishing notice of bonds to be funded; filing copy of notice

app.a:4-37: Security for payment; resolution requiring separate appropriations; taxes; trust fund

app.a:4-38: Bonds may be refunded notwithstanding budget provisions or previous appropriation

app.a:4-39: Additional powers

app.a:4-40: Constitutional severability

app.a:4-41: Effective date

app.a:4-42: Annual assessment installments defined

app.a:4-43: Effective date

app.a:4-47: Payment of taxes in scrip

app.a:4-48: State apportionment paid in scrip to school districts; exception

app.a:4-49: County relieved of ninety per cent of obligation

app.a:4-50: County school boards paid in scrip

app.a:4-51: Obligation to issue or accept scrip

app.a:4-52: Effective date

app.a:4-52.1: Waiver of interest on State school taxes paid in scrip

app.a:4-52.2: Effective date

app.a:4-53: Maturity of certain school bonds

app.a:4-54: Effective date

app.a:4-55: School refunding bonds; form and details

app.a:4-56: Exchange of bonds; report

app.a:4-57: Certification by funding commission; validity of bonds

app.a:4-58: Approval of readjustment plan

app.a:4-59: Construction; constitutional severability

app.a:4-60: Effective date

app.a:4-63: Refunding bonds; resolution on or before Dec. 31, 1947; interest; payment; taxes

app.a:4-64: Issuance, recitals, date, maturity, etc., of bonds

app.a:4-65: Consent of Local Government Board

app.a:4-66: Matters to be considered by Local Government Board; statement of reasons for refusing consent

app.a:4-67: Sale of refunding bonds, or exchange for outstanding obligations; report to Department of Local Government

app.a:4-68: Reserve or sinking funds

app.a:4-69: Certification, indorsement or consent of Local Government Board

app.a:4-70: Powers cumulative

app.a:4-70.1: Effective date