Instructions for Lord Cornbury

Nov.16,1702, L&S 619, 640, 642.

(page 640:)

. . . . .

You are to give all due encouragement and invitation to merchants and others, who shall bring trade unto our said Province, or any way contribute to the advantage thereof, and in particular the Royal African Company of England.

And whereas we are willing to recommend unto rthe said company, that the said Province may have a constant and sufficient supply of merchantable negroes, at moderate rates, in money or commodities, so you are to take especial care, that payment be duly made, and within a competent time according to their agreements.

And you are to take care that there be no trading from our said Province to any place in Africa, within the charter of the Royal African Company, otherwise then prescribed by an at of Parliament, entitled, An act to settle the trade to Africa.

And you are yearly to give unto us, and to our commissioners for trade and plantations,an account of what number of negroes, our said Province is yearly supplyed with, and at what rates.

. . . . .

(page 642:)

. . . . .

You shall endeavour to get a law past for the restraining of any inhuman severity, which by ill masters or overseers, may be used towards their Christian servants, and their slaves, and that provision be made therein, that the wilfull killing of Indians and negroes may be punished with death, and that a fit penalty be imposed for the maiming of them.

You are also with the assistance of the Council and Assembly, to find out the best means to facilitate and incourage the conversion of negroes and Indians, to the Christian religion.

. . . . .