A further supplement to the act entitled "An act for the settlement and relief of the poor," approved April the tenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six

March 10, 1853, §3, Acts 77th Legislature, ch. CXLVI, p.374, 375

3. And be it enacted, That when any poor colored servant has a right to support from any person, or from the estate of any person deceased, and shall become chargeable, in any township, city or town corporate, such poor colored servant may be removed in the same manner as other paupers are removed, to the township, city or town corporate where the said servant last served with the said person liable for his or her support as aforesaid, which said last mentioned township, city or town corporate shall be deemed and taken as the place of legal settlement of said poor servant; provided, that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to exonerate any such person or estate from liability to support such poor colored servant, but the township, city or town corporate to which such servant is removed, shall and may recover from such person or estate all charges for the support of such colored servant.