Representation of the Lords of Trade to the Queen, relative to an Act passed in 1704, for Regulating Negro, Indian and Mulatto Slaves &c in New Jersey

Oct. 18,1709, N.J. Archives, 1st Series, Documents Relating to Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, 3:473-474

To the Queens most Excellt. Majty.

May it Please Your Majesty.
We have considered An Act passed in the General Assembly of Your Majesties Province of New Jersey in December 1704. Entituled, An Act for Regulating Negro, Indian & Mulato Slaves within this Province of New Jersey, in which, tho' there are Several good & Useful Clauses, there is one that inflicts inhumane penalties on Negroes &c not fit to be Confirmed by Your Majesty, & therefore we humbly offer that the said be repealed.

Which is most Humbly Submitted


Whitehall, Octbr 18th 1709