An Act for the Regulating, Training and Arraying of the Militia

April 14, 1778, Acts G.A., 2nd session, 2nd sitting, ch.XXII, §9, p.44-45

9. BE IT ENACTED, by the Authority aforesaid, That the Captain or commanding Officer of each Company shall keep a true and perfect List or Roll of all effective Men between the Ages of sixteen and fifty Years residing within the Bounds of such Company : PROVIDED ALWAYS, That the Delegates representing this State in the Congress of the United States, the Members of the Legislative-Council and General Assembly, the Judges and Justices of the Supreme and Inferior Courts, the Judge of the Court of Admiralty, the Attorney-General, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Clerks of the Council and General Assembly, the Clerks of the Courts of Record, the Governor's private Secretary, Ministers of the Gospel of every Denomination, the Presidents, Professors and Tutors of Colleges, Sheriffs and Coroners, one Constable for each Township, to be selected by the Court of Quarter-Sessions of the County, two Ferrymen for each publick Ferry on the Delaware, below the Falls at Trenton, and one for every other publick Ferry in this State, and Slaves, shall not be borne upon any such List or Roll, or be liable to military Duty.