"An Act for regulating Taverns, Ordinaries, Inn-keepers and Retailers of strong Liquors,"

Mar.15,1739, [§8], 2 Bush 493, 496

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Tavern-keeper, Inn-keeper, or Keeper of an Ordinary, at any Time after this Act shall take Place, shall entertain, entice, harbour or keep any Apprentice, white Servant, Indian, Molatto or Negro Servant or Slave, or shall give, or sell any strong Liquors of any Kind, to such Apprentice, Servant or Servants, Slave or Slaves, (knowing or having Reason to suspect or believe them to be such) directly or indirectly, without express Orders, or Leave first obtain'd from the Master or Mistress of such Apprentice, Servant or Slave, shall for the first Offence forfeit the Sum of Twenty Shillings, for the second Offence Forty Shillings, and for every Offence after, shall forfeit Five Pounds, all current Money aforesaid, to be recovered and applied in manner as is first directed.