An Act to enable the Inhabitants of the County of Middlesex to build a Work-House and House of Correction within the said County, and to make Rules and Orders for the Government of the same

Dec. 16, 1748, 3 Bush 130, 135

[§18] AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid, that it shall and may be lawful for the said Justices, or any of them, to commit to the said Work-House, to hard Labour, all or any white Servant or Servants, Slave or Slaves, which may or shall be brought before him or them, by their Masters or Mistresses, or others, Inhabitants of the said County, for any Misdemeanor, or rude or disorderly behaviour committed within the said Cities or County, and to order such rude and disorderly Servant or Slave to receive the Correction of the House, as shall be thought reasonable by the said Justice, not exceeding Thirty Lashes for any one Offence.