An ACT to regulate the Size of Traps to be hereafter set in this Colony

Dec.5,1760, 4 Bush 52 .

WHEREAS the setting of Iron and Steel Traps strong enough to hold Deer, is extremely dangerous to his Majesty's Subjects;

[§1] BE IT ENACTED by the Governor, Council and General Assembly, and it is hereby Enacted by the Authority of the same, That if any Person or Persons within this Colony, shall set any Trap of Steel or Iron, larger than what is usually and commonly set for Foxes or Musk-Rats, or which Trap when set shall exceed the Weight of Three Pounds and a Half Pound; such Person setting such Trap, shall pay the Sum of Five Pounds, and forfeit the Trap; or (in Default of Payment for twenty-four Hours) shall suffer three Months Imprisonment, and shall also be liable to make good all Damages any Person shall sustain by setting such Trap; and the Owner of such Trap, or Person to whom it was lent, shall be esteemed the Setter thereof, unless it shall be proved, on Oath or Affirmation, what other Person set the same, or that such Trap was lost by said Owner or Person to whom it was lent, and absolutely out of his Power. And if the Setter of the Trap be a Slave, he shall, in Lieu of such Fine, be publickly whipt with thirty Lashes, and committed till the Cost is paid: And that the said Traps shall be broken, and entirely destroyed, in the View and Presence of the Justice of the Peace before whom they are brought; and shall be delivered to the Overseer of the Poor, to be by him sold and worked up.

* * * * *

[§5] PROVIDED ALWAYS, That this Act, or any Part thereof, except what relates to setting of Guns, shall not be construed to extend to, or any Way affect, the Counties of Essex, Bergen, Somerset, Morris or Sussex.