An Act to provide a more effectual Remedy against excessive costs in the Recovery of Debts above Ten Pounds, and for other Purposes therein mentioned.

Dec.6, 1775, 5 Bush 337, 339

[§8] AND WHEREAS it often happens that Persons who have been indicted and convicted for criminal Offences, are unable to satisy for their Fine and Fees, whereby they remain long confined in Gaol, and become a Burden upon the Community; therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid, That, from and after the Publication of this Act, when any Person shall be committed and convicted for any criminal Matter, and unable to discharge the Fine and Fees for which he, she or they are confined, any otherwise than by servitude, it shall and may be lawful for any two Justices of the Court of General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace of any City, Borough or County where such Criminal is confined, to sell and assign the Person so confined, to any Person or Persons who will pay and discharge the Fine and Fees [for] which he, she or they may be confined, for so long Time, and in such Manner as the said Justices shall think reasonable and just, not exceeding five Years.

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid, That this Act shall be and continue in Force for seven Years, and from thence to the End of the next Session of General Assembly, and no longer.