An Act for Raising a Revenue for the Support of Her Majesties Government within this Province of New-Jersey, for two Years

1704, 2 Bush 11.

[§3] And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that the remaining part of the said Two Thousand Pounds, for the first year, and the two Thousand Pounds for the year following, shall be assessed, raised and levyed upon the Lands and Chattels hereafter mentioned, according as they are valued by this present Act, viz. All Lands held by Returns of Surveys, Deeds of Conveyances, or Patents, belonging to the Inhabitants of this Province, and the all such (who have settled any Plantations in the same either by Tenants, Servants, or Negroes) that do not inhabit in said Province, at Ten Pounds per Hundred Acres. All Cattle, Horses and Mares of one year old, & upwards, at Forty Shillings each. All Negroes and Indian Slaves, both Males and Females, above twelve years old and upwards, at Twenty Pounds per Head, excepting all such as are past their labour, or otherwise disabled. All Sheep at Four Shillings per head.