An Act for Support of this Her Majesties Government of Nova Caesarea or New-Jersey, for One Year

1709, 2 Bush 45, 46-47.

[§4] And be it further Enacted, That the Assessors of each respective County shall meet in their several Counties * * * * * and then shall justly and equally assess the remaining part upon the Pound Value of all the Lands and Chattels in their said Counties, according to the Valuation of them, mentioned in this Act, viz. All manured and cultivated Land within Fence, and all improved Meadows, at Fifteen Pounds per Hundred Acres, and so proportionably in greater or smaller Quantities; All Lands that are held by Patents, or Returns of Survey, at seven Pounds per hundred Acres; All Labouring Slaves, Male or Female, above fourteen years of age, that are not superannuated or disabled to Labour, at twenty Pounds each; All Cattle, Horses and Mares, of one year old, and upwards, at Forty Shillings each; All Sheep of one year old, and upwards, at four Shillings each; All Hogs of one year old, and upwards, at six Shillings per head.