An Act for Support of this Her Majesties Government of Nova-Caesarea or New- Jersey

Feb.10,1710/11, 2 Bush 89, 92-93.

[§15] And be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every Inhabitant and House-holder within each of the respective Counties within this Province, shall give a true and perfect List of the Number of Acres of Improved Land, Wood-Land and Meadows by him or them possessed and enjoyed, together with his or their Mills, Boats, and the bigness of them, the number of his or their Slaves above Fourteen years of age, and under Fifty, that are not disabled; and of all his or their Cattle, Horses and Mares above three years old, and of all his and their Sheep and Hoggs above one year old, to one of the Assessors of the County to which he, she or they belong, at or before the first day of May next ensuing.

* * * * *

[§17] And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all the Assessors of the respective Counties within the said Province shall on the first Tuesday of June next, meet together * * * * * and shall then and there compute the value of all the Estates Real and Personal, given in to the said Assessors throughout the Province, at the value after mentioned, viz. All unimproved Land at seven Pounds per hundred Acres, all improved Meadows and Land at ten Pounds per hundred Acres. All Labouring Slaves above fourteen years old and under fifty, at fifteen Pounds per head. All Cattle, Horses and Mares, of three years old and upwards, at Forty shillings per head. All Sheep of one year old, and upwards, at four shillings per head. All Swine of one year old and upwards, at six shillings per head; * * * * *