An Act for setling the Militia of the Province of New-Jersey

May 8, 1746, 3 Bush 5

WHEREAS the Security of this Colony, and Preservation of His Majesty's Government over it, greatly depends upon the Militia being put into such Methods as may make the same most useful for the Defence thereof, especially at this Time, when His Majesty hath a just War against both France and Spain: THEREFORE for the better Defence of this Colony, and the Honour of His Majesty,

BE IT ENACTED by the Governor, Council, and General Assembly, and by the Authority of the same, That every Captain within this Colony, that already is, or hereafter shall be appointed, shall make a true and perfect List of all the Men that now do, or hereafter shall dwell, within the Districts or Divisions of which they are or shall be Captains, between the Age of Sixteen and Fifty Years (except the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Council, the Representatives of the General Assembly, Ministers of the Gospel, the Civil Officers of the Government, and all Field-Officers and Captains, that heretofore have, now do, or hereafter shall bear such Commissions, Physicians, Schoolmasters, Millers, Ferrymen, bought white Servants, and Slaves) every one of which so listed, shall be sufficiently armed with one good sufficient Musket or Fuzee well fixed, a Sword or Bayonet, a Cartouch-Box or Powder-Horn, three Charges of Powder, and three sizeable Bullets; who shall appear in the Field so armed twice a Year, viz. The first Monday in April, and the second Monday in October (except the County of Cape-May, which shall thus appear the third Tuesday in April, and the third Tuesday in October) at the Places appointed by their respective Captains or superior Officers, and continue in Arms but one Day at each Time, besides at other such Times when they may be called together by an Order in Writing, under the Hand of the Captain-General, or Commander in Chief for the Time being, at such Places within each respective County as shall be by him appointed, to be taught the Use of their Arms. PROVIDED ALWAYS, That such Calling together in Writing, as aforesaid, shall not exceed once in a Year, and said Person to be kept in Arms but one Day at such Time, except in case of Alarms.