An Act for the establishment of Work-houses in the several counties of this state

Feb.20,1799, §§5 & 6, Acts 23rd G.A. 2nd sitting, ch. DCCLXXVII, p. 499, 500-501

5. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawqful for any justice of the peace, to commit to the said work-house, to hard labour, any stubborn, disobedient, rude or intemperate slave or male servant, on complaint of his or her master or mistress, and also after due investigation of such complaint, to order such person to be punished by such confinement and labour, as the said justice shall think reasonable.

6. And be it enacted, That when any servant or slave of the description specified in the preceding section, shall be sent to such work-house, the master or mistress shall pay for the food and diet of his or her servant or slave, such reasonable compensation as the said corporation shall fix.