A Supplement to the Act, intitled, "An Act for the Punishment of Crimes," passed March 18,1796

March 7, 1801, Acts 25th G.A. 2nd sitting, ch.XXXV, p.77-78.

Sect. 1. BE IT ENACTED, by the Council and General Assembly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That hereafter, if a slave shall be convicted before the court of oyer and terminer and general gaol delivery, of the crimes of arson, burglary, rape, or of highway robbery, or of attempts, with intention of committing any of the said crimes, or of a violent assault and battery, with an intent to commit murder on any person or persons, it shall be lawful for the said court, either to inflict upon the said slave the punishment now ordered by the laws of this state, or to order him or her to be sent from and out of this state and of the United States, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. Provided always and it is hereby further enacted, That if the said court shall proceed to order such slave to be sent out of this state and the United States, as aforesaid, the oowner of such slave shall give bond, with sufficient surety, to be approved of by the said court, in the sum of four hundred dollars, conditioned, that he or she will, within four weeks, send such slave, according to his or her sentence, out of this state and the United States ; which bond shall be given to the state of New-Jersey, and filed in the clerk's office of the county where such conviction shall be had.

2. And be it enacted, That the said courts shall order such slave to be confined in the gaol of the said county, at the expense of his or her owner, until the expiration of the said four weeks, or until bond shall be given, as aforesaid, and upon the owner of such slave producing an order of the said court, for the sending away of such slave, to the gaoler, and payment of all costs and charges that have accrued, the said gaoler is hereby directed to deliver up such slave to his or her owner.

3. And be it enacted, That when any person who shall have given bond as aforesaid, shall produce to, and file, in the office of the clerk of the said county, a certificate, approved of by the court by whom sentence was passed, that the said sentence hath been complied with, such certificate shall be sufficient proof that the condition of said bond, filed as aforesaid, hath been performed and fulfilled.

A. Passed at Trenton, March 7, 1801.