RESOLUTIONS relative to the gradual emancipation of people of color and their colonization in a foreign country.

Dec.30, 1824, Acts 49th G.A. [1st sitting], p.191.

RESOLVED, by the Council and General Assembly of this State, That the consideration of a system providing for the gradual emancipation of the people of color, held in servitude in the United States, be recommended to the Legislatures of the several states of the American Union, and to the Congress of the United States.

RESOLVED, That in the opinion of this Legislature, a system of foreign Colonization, with correspondent measures night be adopted, that would in due time effect the entire emancipation of the slaves in our country, and furnish an asylum for the free blacks without any violation of the national compact or infringement of the rights of individuals; and that such a system should be predicated upon the principle that the evil of slavery is a national one, and that the people and states of the Union ought mutually to participate in the duties and burdens of removing it.

RESOLVED, That his excellency, the Governor, be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions, to the Executives of each state in the Union, respectively, with a request that they lay the same before their several Legislatures; and that his excellency will also forward a like copy to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, requestring their co-operation in all national measures, having a tendency to effect the same object embraced therein.

C. Passed December 30, 1824.