An Act to authorize John Dilts to sell certain Real Estate, formerly occupied by Thomas Wilson

Feb.21, 1842, Acts 66th G.A., 2nd sitting, p.64-67.

WHEREAS, Thomas Wilson, a colored man, now deceased, did in his lifetime, receive conveyances, in fee simple, for certain real estate, to wit: . . . [details of four separate conveyances] . . . and the said Thomas Wilson having paid for said several lots of land the full consideration mentioned in said deeds, and agreed upon between him and the said grantors, respectively, entered into possession thereof, and used and occupied the same during his life; AND WHEREAS, the said Thomas Wilson being a slave at the time of making said deeds, and during his whole life, was thereby unable in law to take and hold the said lands, and said deeds therefore conveyed to him no estate or interest therein: AND WHEREAS, the said Thomas Wilson left his wife, Mary, surviving him, who having become poor and infirm and unable to maintain herself, was for a considerable time, and until her decease, supported by William Rosco, at his own expense, and it is reasonable and just that all moneys expended by him, or by any other person or persons for the sipport of said Mary should be repaid, and that the said lots of land should be sold for that purpose, and a good title made to the purchaser; and the said Thomas Wilson having no children, or other relatives now living, so far as can now be ascertained:--Therefore,

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this State, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That John Dilts, of the township of Hopewell, in the county of Mercer, be and he is hereby authorized to sell the aforesaid lots or parcels of land, at public vendue, to the highest bidder ; and to make, execute and deliver a good and sufficient deed or deeds for the same, to the purchaser or purchasers thereof; which deed and deeds when so executed and delivered, shall convey to, and vest in the said purchaser or purchasers, as good and sufficient an estate in and to the said land and premises thereby conveyed, as the grantors in the aforesaid deeds to the said Thomas Wilson had in the same at the time of executing their said conveyances for the same respectively; provided, that nothing contained in this act, shall in any way affect the rights or interests of any person or persons in whose favor the said Thomas Wilson, deceased, may have mortgaged or otherwise incumbered the said several tracts of alnd or either of them respectively in his lifetime.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That the said John Dilts shall be and he is hereby authorized and directed to take and receive the purchase money for said land, and to have and use all necessary actions to recover the same; and out of said moneys, to pay the expenses of procuring this act, and of selling said land, and to pay to said William Roscoe, and all and every other person or persons, all moneys which he or they have expended in furnishing to the said Mary, widow of the said Thomas Wilson, the means of support and maintenance; and the surplus money which may remain after such payments, the said John Dilts shall pay to the collector of the township of Hopewell, for the use of the poor of said township; and in case any person or persons shall, within seven years after the passing of this act, appear and show that they are so related to said Thomas Wilson that they would have been entitled to his estate, in case he had been free, then the said township of Hopewell shall pay to them the said surplus, which may have been received by said township; . . . .

[Sections 3 and 4 relate to trustee's bond and appointment of trustee to replace John Dilts if necessary.]

Passed February 21, 1842