Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of New-Jersey; relative to the Manumission of Negroes and others holden in bondage
[page 16]

of November, 1785

([Minutes,] p.525.)

Negro QUAMINI against WILLIAM LEDDEL, Esquire.

On Habeus Corpus for Manumission.

It being alledged on the part of the said Negro Quamini, that several yers ago she belonged to Dr. Sauel Tuthill, of Morris County, from whom he was pur-[page 17]chased by Captain Augustine Bayles of the same County, that the said Captain Bayles, divers Times in his Lifetime promised the said Negro Quamini, that if he would be honest, faithful, and industrious, he never should serve any other Master, but should be free at his the said Captain Bayles's decease; that the said Captain Bayles on his Death-Bed, considering that his Wife would be left very destitute of Help, directed that the said Negro Quamini should continue in her Service during her Widowhood, and that then he should be free; that the said Captain Bayles died in the Year 1781, or 1782, and that about Two Years ago, Keziah Bayles his Widow intermarried with one Thomas Faircloth.

The Court having heard the Testimony for establishing the several Facts aforesaid, and having duly considered the same, do order, on Motion of Mr. William De Hart, that the said Negro Quamini be discharged, and set at Liberty from the said William Leddel, Esquire.