Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of New-Jersey; relative to the Manumission of Negroes and others holden in bondage
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September Term, 1783.

([Minutes,] p.252. 270.)


On Habeas Corpus for Manumission.

IT being alledged by the Counsel for the said Mercy Hill the Plaintiff, that she is the Daughter of a certain Jupiter Lee, a Negro Slave, heretofore belonging to Samuel Lee of the Town of Swansay in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, now Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Deliverence Hill, a free-born native Indian Woman ; that in her Infancy she was put apprentice to James Power of that Place, with whom, or his assigns she served many Years, and then laboured for her Livelihood in different Places as other free persons usually do; that long afterwards she was by some Means sold as a slave, and by sundry Transfers and Sales came at length into the possession of the Defendant William Leddell.

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The Court having heard the Testimony, with sundry Affidavits offered and read, to prove the Truth of the foregoing Allegations, and having also heard the Arguments of Counsel on both Sides, and maturely considered thereof, are unanimously of Opinion, That the said Mercy Hill is entitled to her Freedom, and ought not to be held in Slavery; and do accordingly adjudge and order that the said Mercy Hill be discharged and set at Liberty from the said William Leddell, on Motion of Mr. Morris in behalf of Mercy Hill.