Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of New-Jersey; relative to the Manumission of Negroes and others holden in bondage
[page 13]

May Term, 1784

([Minutes,] p.33)

On Habeus Corpus of Negro Charles and Wife.

In November Term, 1781. (p. 467)

On the hearing of this case, the Court adjudged in favor of the discharge of the Negroes, and ordered the Defendant to deliver them to the Sheriff of Bergen,
[page 14] to remain in his Custody, until the further Order of the Court.

And now, on Motion of Mr. Elias Boudinot for Nicholas Covenhoven, Master of the said Negroes, it is ordered by the Court, that the Sheriff of Bergen, do on service of this Rule, deliver to the said Nicholas Covenhoven, or his Order, the said Negro Charles and Wife.