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The Law of Slavery in New Jersey

compiled by Paul Axel-Lute
Revised June 5, 2012

About the Collection: This collection includes texts, or links to texts at other sites, for published New Jersey statutes and court decisions about slavery. An annotated bibliography of statutes, cases, and secondary sources is provided, with links to the statute and case texts.

The case texts and statute texts on this site are in the public domain. We thank the Thomson/West company for permission to download case texts from Westlaw; the University of Virginia Library for permission to link to and download case texts from their Electronic Text Library; Prof. Paul Clemens of the History Department at Rutgers Univ. for permission to use texts of statutes from his website; and Prof. Paul Finkelman of the Univ. of Tulsa and his publisher Madison House for permission to reproduce his article (entry S5 in the bibliography.)