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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 1A:

      Section: 26:1A-37.8: Powers, duties of council

           4. The council shall have the powers and duties to:

a. Enlist the active support and assistance of individual citizens, civic groups, private enterprise, voluntary organizations and others in an effort to promote and improve the fitness of all the citizens of the State through regular participation in physical fitness and sports activities;

b. Initiate programs to inform the general public of the importance of exercise and the link that exists between regular physical activity and such qualities as good health, wellness and effective performance;

c. Develop, foster, and coordinate services and programs of physical fitness and sports for the people of the State;

d. Develop programs to promote personal health, wellness and physical fitness in cooperation with medical, dental and other similar professional societies;

e. Assist the Department of Education in helping schools to develop health, physical fitness and wellness programs for students;

f. Sponsor physical fitness and sports workshops, clinics, conferences and other similar activities;

g. Give recognition to outstanding developments and achievements in, and contributions to, physical fitness and sports;

h. Assist recreation agencies and State sports governing bodies at all levels in developing "sports for all" programs which emphasize the value of sports to physical, mental and emotional fitness;

i. Collect and disseminate physical fitness and sports information;

j. Encourage State agencies, local governments and communities to develop local physical fitness programs, wellness programs and amateur athletic competitions;

k. Assist business, industry, government and labor organizations in establishing sound physical fitness programs to elevate employee fitness and in reducing the financial and human costs resulting from physical inactivity; and

l. Stimulate and encourage research in the areas of sports medicine, physical fitness and sports performance.


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