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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2A: Program to collect, process, store and distribute; educational and research activities; rules; cooperation

      Section: 26:2A-14: Patient to be informed of blood transfusion options

           a. Whenever a blood transfusion may be necessary during a surgical procedure, a physician or surgeon shall inform the surgery patient, prior to performing the surgical procedure, of the options of receiving autologous blood transfusions, designated blood transfusions or homologous blood transfusions.

b. The physician or surgeon who will perform the surgery shall note on the patient's medical record that the patient was advised of the opportunity to receive an autologous, designated or homologous blood transfusion, if a transfusion becomes necessary.

c. The physician or surgeon who will perform the surgery shall not be required to provide his patient with an explanation of the transfusion options pursuant to this section, if medical contraindications exist or the surgery is performed on an emergency basis.

d. If there are no medical contraindications or the surgery is not performed on an emergency basis, the physician or surgeon shall allow adequate time, prior to surgery, for predonation to occur. If the patient waives the option to predonate blood, the physician or surgeon shall not incur any liability for his failure to allow the predonation to occur.


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