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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2B: Commission on Alcoholism and Promotion of Temperance abolished

      Section: 26:2B-12: Program for treatment; facilities; services; annual list; publication

           The department shall take cognizance of all matters affecting alcoholism in the State and shall establish and conduct a program for the treatment of intoxicated persons and alcoholics.

The program may encourage regionalization of services and, if not otherwise available, provide for the following facilities, which need not be separately located:

a. Intoxication treatment centers, which centers shall render emergency medical care, including detoxification, shall be open 24 hours every day, and shall be located conveniently near population centers. Services shall be provided for the immediate physical and social needs, including the needs for medication and shelter, of intoxicated persons, and shall also provide for initial examination, diagnosis and referral. To the extent possible, such treatment centers shall be affiliated with a general or other hospital.

b. Inpatient facilities, for treatment of alcoholics, which shall, to the extent possible, be affiliated with the medical service of a general hospital, mental hospital, community mental health center, or other hospital.

c. Outpatient facilities.

d. Residential aftercare facilities, such as halfway houses.

The department shall maintain, supervise and control all facilities operated by it pursuant to this act and all such facilities shall be staffed with an adequate number of qualified and trained personnel. The administrator of each such facility shall make an annual report of its activities to the director in such manner and form as the director may deem appropriate. All appropriate resources, particularly community mental health centers, shall whenever possible be utilized in and coordinated with the program.

Services delivered by the department pursuant to this act may be administered on the premises of institutions operated in whole or in part by the department of institutions and agencies. Such services shall be administered as such services are administered in the other facilities of the department and shall in all respects be therapeutic in nature rather than penal or correctional.

The department shall prepare and publish annually a list of all services operating in accordance with this act and shall make the list available upon request to members of the public. The department shall notify all law enforcement agencies and judges in the State of the location and capacity of intoxication treatment centers and other services operating in accordance with this act situated in or near their jurisdictions.

L.1975, c. 305, s. 6.

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