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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2C:

      Section: 26:2C-9.7: Annual report on air quality

           7. On or before March 1, 1996, and annually thereafter, the department shall prepare and submit to the Governor and the Legislature an annual report on the status of New Jersey's air quality, New Jersey's progress toward attainment with the federal Clean Air Act, and the operating permit program created pursuant to P.L.1954, c.212 (C.26:2C-1 et seq.). Notice of the preparation and submission of this report shall be published in the New Jersey Register. The report shall include:

a. An accounting of all direct and indirect costs incurred by the operating permit program; the revenues received from fees; a list of all fees still due; and the amount of penalties imposed and collected during the previous year; and

b. A staff and workload analysis of all components of the program to regulate, monitor, and control or prevent emissions of air contaminants.

The report shall also identify any need for legislative action to adjust the emission fee prescribed pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1995, c.188 (C.26:2C-9.5) to ensure that the fee is adequate to fund the air pollution control program in accordance with the mandates of the federal Clean Air Act, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of setting higher emission fees for hazardous air pollutants.


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