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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2D:

      Section: 26:2D-18: Radioactive materials; transportation or storage or detention pending transit; certificate of handling

           No person shall transport into or through the State, or store, hold or detain pending or during such transit, any of the following materials without first having obtained a certificate of handling from the department:

a. Plutonium isotopes in any quantity and form exceeding two grams or 20 curies, whichever is less;

b. Uranium enriched in the isotope U-235 exceeding 25 atomic per cent of the total uranium content in quantities where the U-235 content exceeds one kilogram;

c. Any of the actinides the activity of which exceeds 20 curies;

d. Spent reactor fuel elements or mixed fission products associated with such spent fuel elements the activity of which exceeds 20 curies;

e. Any quantity of radioactive material which exceeds 20 curies; or

f. Any lesser quantity of radioactive material which, when combined with any other quantity of such material, exceeds 20 curies.

L.1977, c. 233, s. 1, eff. Sept. 26, 1977.

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