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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2H: Declaration of public policy

      Section: 26:2H-41: Nursing home violations

           The court shall proceed in a summary manner and shall render a judgment either:

a. Dismissing the complaint for failure to affirmatively establish the allegations thereof or because of the affirmative establishment by the owner or licensee of a defense specified in this act; or

b. Ordering the appointment of a receiver approved by the department in accordance with the provisions of this act; or

c. Granting such other and further relief as the court deems just and proper. Upon the request of the department, if a receiver has been appointed the relief may include a requirement that the owner transfer his ownership interest to an entity approved by the department.

L. 1977, c. 238, s. 6, eff. Sept. 29, 1977. Amended by L. 1986, c. 132, s. 1, eff. Oct. 20, 1986.

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