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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2H: Declaration of public policy

      Section: 26:2H-5.7: State Health Planning Board established.

33. There is established in the Department of Health a State Health Planning Board. The members of the board shall include: the Commissioners of Health, Children and Families, and Human Services, or their designees, who shall serve as ex officio, nonvoting members; the chairmen of the Health Care Administration Board and the Public Health Council, or their designees, who shall serve as ex officio members; and nine public members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, five of whom are consumers of health care services who are neither providers of health care services or persons with a fiduciary interest in a health care service.

Of the additional public members first appointed pursuant to P.L.1998, c.43, two shall serve for a term of two years and two shall serve for a term of three years. Following the expiration of the original terms, the public members shall serve for a term of four years and are eligible for reappointment. Public members serving on the board on the effective date of P.L.1998, c.43 shall continue to serve for the term of their appointment. Any vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, for the unexpired term. Public members shall continue to serve until their successors are appointed. The public members shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, within the limits of funds available to the board.

a. A member or employee of the State Health Planning Board shall not, by reason of his performance of any duty, function, or activity required of, or authorized to be undertaken by the board, be held civilly or criminally liable if that person acted within the scope of his duty, function, or activity as a member or employee of the board, without gross negligence or malice toward any person affected thereby.

b. A member of the State Health Planning Board shall not vote on any matter before the board concerning an individual or entity with which the member has, or within the last 12 months has had, any substantial ownership, employment, medical staff, fiduciary, contractual, creditor, or consultative relationship. A member who has or has had such a relationship with an individual or entity involved in any matter before the board shall make a written disclosure of the relationship before any action is taken by the board with respect to the matter and shall make the relationship public in any meeting in which action on the matter is to be taken.

L.1991, c.187, s.33; amended 1998, c.43, s.4; 2006, c.47, s.108; 2012, c.17, s.164.

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