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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2H: Declaration of public policy

      Section: 26:2H-96: Payment of annual assessment by nursing homes.

           5. a. Each nursing home shall pay an assessment which, when combined with the aggregate amount of assessments paid by all other nursing homes pursuant to this section shall not exceed 6\% of the aggregate amount of annual revenues received by all nursing homes in accordance with 42 C.F.R. s.433.68(f)(3)(I). The assessment shall be comprised of the payments required pursuant to paragraph (2) of this subsection. This assessment shall be paid to the Director of the Division of Taxation in the Department of the Treasury. The director, in consultation with the commissioner, shall establish appropriate procedures and forms for the purpose of collecting and recording this assessment. The provisions of the "State Tax Uniform Procedure Law," R.S.54:48-1 et seq., shall apply to the extent that those provisions, including the confidentiality, protest and appeal provisions, are not inconsistent with the provisions of this act. The State shall neither collect the assessment on nursing homes nor distribute increases in Medicaid until both the provider assessment and the plan for distribution of the proceeds of the fund are approved by the federal government.

(Deleted by amendment, P.L.2004, c.41).

(2) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, each nursing home shall pay to the director for deposit into the fund, in accordance with the requirements set forth in this act, an amount for nursing home patient days, excluding Medicare patient days, up to the maximum limit allowed by law less any licensing or other fees which would be considered "health care-related taxes" as defined by 42 C.F.R. s.433.55, including, but not limited to, any fees established by the commissioner as permitted under law.

b. The assessment paid under subsection a. of this section shall not include Medicare patient day revenues and receipts from Medicare certified beds.

c. The director, in consultation with the commissioner, shall prescribe by regulation the method by which nursing homes shall report information necessary for the director to calculate the assessment.

d. The assessment shall not be payable by nursing homes until both the provider assessment and the plan for distribution of the proceeds of the fund are approved by the federal government. Thereafter, the assessment shall be payable after the end of each calendar quarter during which the assessment accrues. Prior written notice of the due date of the assessment shall not be issued until the per diem add-ons pursuant to subsection d. of section 6 of this act have been paid.

e. A nursing home shall submit appropriate reports to the director to facilitate the purposes of this act, on a form and in a manner prescribed by the director and within such period of time as the director may require.

L.2003,c.105,s.5; amended 2004, c.41, s.2.

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