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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2I: Declaration of serious public emergency relative to health care facilities

      Section: 26:2I-34: Participation in or acquisition of existing projects.

34. a. Whenever any health care organization has constructed or acquired any work or improvement which would otherwise qualify as a project under the preceding portions of this act except for the fact that such construction or acquisition was undertaken and financed without assistance from the authority, the authority may purchase such work or improvement, and lease the same to the health care organization, or may lend funds to the health care organization for the purpose of enabling the latter to retire obligations incurred for such construction or acquisition, provided that the amount of any such purchase price or loan shall not exceed the project cost as herein defined, irrespective of such work or improvement. All powers, rights, obligations and duties granted to or imposed upon the authority, health care organizations, State departments and agencies or others by this act in respect to projects shall apply to the same extent with respect to transactions authorized by this section, provided that any action otherwise required to be taken at a particular time in the progression of a project may, where the circumstances so required in connection with a transaction under this section be taken nunc pro tunc.

b. Acquisition of health care facilities from counties or municipalities. Notwithstanding the provisions of any law to the contrary, the authority may authorize the acquisition, and any county or municipality by resolution or ordinance may authorize a private sale and conveyance or leasing to the authority, of any interest of the county or municipality in any lands and existing health care facilities which are then being operated by a health care organization upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the authority and the county and municipality. The authority may use its funds for the acquisition by providing for the retirement of obligations incurred for the acquisition of the land, and for the acquisition and construction of the existing health care facilities, provided that the amount of the purchase price shall not exceed the project costs. Upon acquisition of the lands and existing health care facilities, the authority may convey or lease the lands and existing health care facilities to a health care organization under such terms and conditions as the authority and health care organization may agree.

L.1972,c.29,s.34; amended 1984, c.217; 1997, c.435, s.19.

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