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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2K:

      Section: 26:2K-12: Mobile intensive care units

           a. Only a hospital authorized by the commissioner with an accredited emergency service may develop and maintain a mobile intensive care unit, and provide advanced life support services utilizing licensed physicians, registered professional nurses trained in advanced life support nursing, and mobile intensive care paramedics.

b. A hospital authorized by the commissioner pursuant to subsection a. of this section shall provide mobile intensive care unit services on a seven- day-a-week basis.

c. The commissioner shall establish, in writing, criteria which a hospital shall meet in order to qualify for the authorization.

d. The commissioner may withdraw his authorization if the hospital or unit violates any provision of this act or rules or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.

L. 1984, c. 146, s. 6. Amended by L. 1985, c. 351, s. 2.

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