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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2K:

      Section: 26:2K-61: Agreements for mutual first aid, ambulance, rescue squad assistance

           2. The governing bodies of two or more municipalities may, by enacting reciprocal ordinances, enter into agreements with each other for mutual first aid, ambulance or rescue squad assistance in case of emergency ,subject to the written approval of the volunteer first aid, ambulance or rescue squad or squads involved. The agreements may provide for:

a. Terms and conditions for payment by the municipality receiving assistance to the municipality rendering assistance for each member and each equipped first aid, ambulance or rescue squad apparatus for each hour supplied;

b. The reimbursement of the municipality or municipalities rendering assistance for any damage to first aid, ambulance or rescue squad equipment or other property and for payment to any member of a first aid, ambulance or rescue squad for injuries sustained while serving pursuant to such agreements, or to a surviving spouse or other dependent if death results; and

c. A joint meeting of the municipalities entering into such agreements regarding other matters as are mutually deemed necessary.


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