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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2N:

      Section: 26:2N-1: Definitions

           For the purposes of this act:

a. "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Health.

b. "Department" means the State Department of Health.

c. "Health care provider" means any licensed health care professional or public or private health care facility in this State that administers pertussis vaccine.

d. "Major adverse reaction" means collapse or shock, high pitched screaming, persistent crying for three or more hours, excessive somnolence (sleepiness), temperature of 105`, convulsions with or without accompanying fever or severe alterations of consciousness or any serious illness, disability or impairment of mental, emotional, behavioral or physical functioning or development, the first manifestation of which appears within 30 days of the date of administration of pertussis vaccine, and for which there is reasonable scientific or medical evidence that pertussis vaccine causes or significantly contributes to the illness, disability or impairment; or any other reaction which the department determines, by regulation, is a basis for not administering pertussis vaccine.

e. "Pertussis vaccine" means any vaccine containing a substance intended to prevent the occurrence of pertussis, which is administered separately or in conjunction with other substances intended to prevent the occurrence of other diseases.

L. 1986, c. 134, s. 1.

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