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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2Q: Findings, declarations

      Section: 26:2Q-8: Administrative civil penalty; violation defined

           8. As an alternative, or in addition to the provisions of section 7 of P.L.1993, c.288 (C.26:2Q-7), the commissioner may, subject to notice and hearing, impose an administrative civil penalty for a violation set forth in this section not to exceed $1,000 for the first offense and $5,000 for each subsequent offense. If the violation is of a continuing nature, each day it continues constitutes an additional and separate violation.

The penalty may be sued for and recovered by and in the name of the commissioner in a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction by a summary proceeding under "the penalty enforcement law," N.J.S.2A:58-1 et seq. For the purposes of this act, the Superior Court and the municipal court shall have jurisdiction to enforce the provisions of "the penalty enforcement law."

The department may compromise and settle a claim for a penalty under this section in such amount as the department determines to be appropriate and equitable.

As used in this section, a violation shall include the:

a. obstructing, hindering, delaying or interfering by force or otherwise with the commissioner in the exercise of any power or the discharge of any function or duty pursuant to the provisions of sections 1 through 12 of P.L.1993, c.288 (C.26:2Q-1 through C.26:2Q-12);

b. preparing, uttering or rendering of any false statements, reports, documents, plans or specifications permitted or required pursuant to sections 1 through 12 of P.L.1993, c.288 (C.26:2Q-1 through C.26:2Q-12); or

c. refusal or failure to comply with a ruling, action, order or notice of the commissioner pursuant to sections 1 through 12 of P.L.1993, c.288 (C.26:2Q-1 through C.26:2Q-12).


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