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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 2S:

      Section: 26:2S-10.2: Clinical laboratory services at outpatient regional hemophilia care center, required coverage

           2. A carrier which offers a managed care plan shall provide payment for services to the clinical laboratory at a hospital with a State-designated outpatient regional hemophilia care center regardless of whether the hospital's clinical laboratory is a participating provider in the managed care plan, if the covered person's attending physician determines that use of the hospital's clinical laboratory is necessary because:

a. the results of laboratory tests are medically necessary immediately or sooner than the normal return time for the carrier's participating clinical laboratory; or

b. accurate test results need to be determined by closely supervised procedures in venipuncture and laboratory techniques in controlled environments that cannot be achieved by the carrier's participating clinical laboratory.

The carrier shall pay the hospital's clinical laboratory for the laboratory services at the same rate it would pay a participating clinical laboratory for comparable services.

The carrier shall retain the right to review all services provided pursuant to this section for medical necessity.


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