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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 3: Establishment of local board

      Section: 26:3-66: Procedure in enactment of health ordinance code

           26:3-66. No health ordinance or code shall be finally adopted unless it shall have been:

a. Given a first reading, which first reading may be by title, at a meeting held at least one week prior to final passage;

b. Published, in summary form, in a newspaper published and circulating in the municipality or county for which the local board is organized, and in the case of a municipal board of health, if there be no such newspaper, then in at least one newspaper published and circulating in the county in which the municipality is located, at least two days prior to final passage.

The publication shall contain a notice stating the time and place when and where the local board will consider the final passage of the proposed ordinance or code;

c. Posted on the bulletin board or other place upon which public notices are customarily posted in the building where the local board regularly meets prior to the meeting for final consideration. Copies of the ordinance or code shall be made available to members of the general public of the county upon request; and

d. Upon the opening of the meeting for final consideration of the ordinance or code, given a second reading, which reading may be by title. Thereafter, the ordinance may be passed with or without amendments, or rejected.

Amended 1991, c.36; 1996, c.113, s.4.

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