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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 4: "Communicable disease" defined

      Section: 26:4-100.10: Powers of Commissioner; violation

           (a) The commissioner shall have the power and authority, upon a finding that the vaccine continues to be in short supply, to make, promulgate, suspend, repeal and enforce rules and regulations concerning the purchase, sale, distribution, and use of the vaccine, to the end that the vaccine, whether distributed by an agency of the State or through private channels, shall be fairly and equitably available to all children and others in accordance with priority groups based on the relative susceptibility of various age groups of children and others to poliomyelitis, as found and determined by the commissioner and prohibiting the sale, offer to sell, purchase, distribution and use of the vaccine in contravention of such rules and regulations. No person shall buy, sell, offer to sell, distribute or use the vaccine except in accordance with such rules and regulations.

(b) Such rules and regulations and all amendments thereof may be adopted with or without public hearing; shall be filed with the Secretary of State; and shall become effective immediately upon the filing thereof, unless otherwise therein provided.

(c) Any person who knowingly violates any provision of this act or of any rule or regulation adopted thereunder, or who conspires with or knowingly aids, abets or assists another to do so, is a disorderly person.

(d) The expiration or other termination of a rule or regulation shall not terminate or affect the liability of a person for violation thereof or of this act.

L.1955, c. 69, p. 232, s. 5.

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