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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 4: "Communicable disease" defined

      Section: 26:4-36: Quarantine; persons who may be quarantined; duration; penalty

           Quarantine for venereal disease has the purpose of preventing transmission of venereal diseases and shall mean and include, restriction of the actions, behavior and movements of a person or confinement to a defined place and area.

A local board or health officer or any physician shall report to the State department, and any licensed health officer or the State Director of Health or the authorized representative of either may quarantine for venereal disease the following persons:

a. Any person who has or who is believed upon reasonable grounds to have a venereal disease in its infectious stage, if he is likely to spread the disease to others by reason of his failure or refusal to submit to treatment or by reason of his habits, or for any other reason.

b. Any person who refuses or neglects to submit to a medical examination for venereal disease required under authority of any section of this article.

c. Any person who refuses or neglects to supply, or to permit to be taken, the specimens required or requested under authority of any section of this article.

d. Any person who refuses or neglects to submit to treatment for a venereal disease in an infectious stage.

Such quarantine shall continue until the infected person is free from the disease or until such time as in the judgment of the health officer or his authorized representative who established the quarantine or by the State director or his authorized representative, it shall be safe for such infected person to be released from quarantine.

Any person included in paragraphs b, c or d of this section shall be liable to the penalty provided for in section 26:4-49 in addition to the imposition of the penalty prescribed by section 26:4-129.

Amended by L.1945, c. 104, p. 449, s. 3.

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