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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 4: "Communicable disease" defined

      Section: 26:4-49.2: Standard serological test; duty of State Department of Health

           For the purpose of this act a standard serological test shall be a test for syphilis approved by the State Department of Health, and shall be made at a laboratory licensed in syphilis serology by the department, or by a laboratory in this State approved to make such tests by said department, or at a laboratory outside this State approved by said department, or the health department of the state or territory of the United States or District of Columbia wherein it is located, or at a laboratory of the Armed Forces of the United States or the United States Public Health Services. Such laboratory tests as are required by this act may, at the option of the department, be performed in the laboratories of the State Department of Health without charge.

L.1938, c. 41, p. 116, s. 2. Amended by L.1971, c. 84, s. 1, eff. April 8, 1971.

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