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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 5D:

      Section: 26:5D-2: Findings, declarations

           The Legislature finds and declares that:

a. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the sudden and unexpected death of apparently healthy babies, commonly known as "SIDS" or "Crib Death," is the major cause of death of infants between the ages of one month and one year and is responsible for the deaths of approximately 7,000 infants in the United States each year.

b. Although the cause of SIDS is not known, there is evidence that it may be caused by an infectious agent, hypoglycemia, a neuroendocrine defect, or poor socioeconomic conditions. SIDS has also been associated with apnea, the temporary stoppage of breathing; however, there are no data firmly linking SIDS to apnea, and preliminary data suggest that the number of infants who have had a history of apneic episodes may account for not more than 5\% of SIDS fatalities.

c. Because of the nature of SIDS and the inability to discover the cause of death, parents of victims of SIDS often experience trauma and shock and have a need for counseling and other support services.

d. Research regarding the detection, treatment, cure or prevention of SIDS has not been afforded the attention given to other areas of medicine, and many health care professionals are not familiar with the symptoms, diagnosis or treatment of SIDS; and

e. Therefore, it is imperative that a program be established for identifying and treating infants who are potential victims of SIDS, referring potential SIDS victims and their families to sources of treatment and counseling, referring families whose children have been victims of SIDS to counseling and other support services and providing an educational program to health care professionals to heighten their awareness in detecting potential SIDS victims and in preventing SIDS.

L. 1987,c.331, s.2.

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