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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 8:

      Section: 26:8-17: Local registrar; appointment of deputy, alternate deputy registrar.

26:8-17. The local registrar, immediately upon acceptance of the appointment, shall appoint a deputy to assist in the normal, day-to-day operation of the office and whose duty shall be to act in the registrar's stead in case of absence, disability or death of the registrar. In case of death of the local registrar the deputy shall act as local registrar until a new local registrar has been appointed and qualified.

In addition to a deputy registrar, the local registrar may appoint one or two alternate deputy registrars if the local registrar deems such an appointment to be necessary for the office to function efficiently and to provide quality service to the public. The deputy registrar and alternate deputy registrar shall have the authority to receive birth certificates and death certificates; to issue burial permits, and copies of birth, death, marriage, civil union and domestic partnership certificates; to take the oath on marriage and civil union license applications; and to issue marriage and civil union licenses and register domestic partnerships. The deputy registrar and alternate deputy registrar shall receive instructions from and perform their duties under the direct supervision of the registrar, who shall be the final authority with the responsibility of fulfilling the duties of the local registrar outlined in R.S.26:8-25. The deputy registrar and any alternate deputy registrar shall serve at the pleasure of the local registrar.

Amended 1948, c.205, s.2; 1995, c.87, s.1; 2003, c.246, s.16; 2006, c.103, s.39.

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