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Chapter: 12 - Corporate existence of canal and banking company continued

13:12-1: Corporate existence of canal and banking company continued

13:12-2: "Morris canal" defined

13:12-3: Title to property vested in canal and banking company in trust for state

13:12-4: Rights in certain lakes, etc., vested in canal and banking company in trust for certain purposes

13:12-5: Use of Lake Hopatcong for boating, etc.; maintenance of water level

13:12-6: Title to shares of stock of canal and banking company transferred to Department in trust

13:12-7: Management and control of property by canal and banking company

13:12-8: Board of directors of canal and banking company; voting capital stock

13:12-9: General powers of board of directors

13:12-10: Grants to municipalities to lay and maintain sewer pipes under and along canal right of way

13:12-11: Sale of canal property for railroad purposes

13:12-12: Construction of electric railways on canal lands acquired by municipalities

13:12-13: Abandoned portions of canal property dedicated as public highways

13:12-14: Diversion of waters for municipal purposes

13:12-15: Sale of canal property in counties to such counties for road purposes

13:12-16: Sale of canal property in municipalities to such municipalities or Port of New York Authority

13:12-17: Sale of canal property outside municipalities to municipalities; public sale

13:12-17.1: Sale by municipalities of canal property acquired from Morris Canal and Banking Company

13:12-18: Leases; termination

13:12-19: Removal of bridges, etc.

13:12-20: Repair, etc., of dams, sluice gates, etc.

13:12-21: Crossings in municipalities

13:12-22: Legal and administrative help, etc.; agreements with independent contractors

13:12-23: Canal and banking company acting through officers thereof; execution of contracts, conveyances, etc.

13:12-24: Contracts, conveyances, etc., approved by attorney general

13:12-25: Title conveyed by deeds of canal and banking company

13:12-26: Release of lien of bonds on sale of property

13:12-27: Receipts from sales or rentals of property; payment into state treasury

13:12-28: Canal fund

13:12-29: Injuries to or destruction of canal property; forfeiture; recovery