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Chapter: 1A Power to arrest without warrant; law enforcement training program.
Chapter: 1B Commissioner of Conservation and Economic Development; appointment; term; salary
Chapter: 1C
Chapter: 1D Reorganization of department of conservation and economic development
Chapter: 1E
Chapter: 1F
Chapter: 1G
Chapter: 1H
Chapter: 1I
Chapter: 1J Legislature's findings and declarations
Chapter: 1K Conveyances used in willful discharge; forfeiture; exceptions
Chapter: 1L
Chapter: 1M Findings, declarations
Chapter: 8 Adjunct state forest reserves; agreements with owners of lakes or ponds for use by public; tax exemption
Chapter: 8A
Chapter: 8B Title of act
Chapter: 8C
Chapter: 9 Forest fire service established
Chapter: 9A Legislative intent; inventory and mapping of tidal wetlands; filing in office of county recording officer
Chapter: 9B
Chapter: 9C
Chapter: 10 Geological survey part of department of conservation and development
Chapter: 11A
Chapter: 12 Corporate existence of canal and banking company continued
Chapter: 13 Title to canal vested in state
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 15A Funds transferred to Home Port Alliance and Foundation.
Chapter: 15B Historic New Bridge Landing Park Commission created; membership; master plan; annual report.
Chapter: 16
Chapter: 17 Declaration of purpose
Chapter: 17A Designation of site; Commission; establishment; members; term of office; designation of representative; oath; vacancies; meetings; actions; approval
Chapter: 18A
Chapter: 19
Chapter: 20