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Chapter: 20 -

13:20-1: Short title.

13:20-2: Findings, declarations relative to the "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act."

13:20-3: Definitions relative to the "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act."

13:20-4: "Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council."

13:20-5: Membership of council, appointment, terms, meetings, minutes delivered to Governor.

13:20-6: Powers, duties, responsibilities of council.

13:20-7: Highlands Region, preservation area; delineated.

13:20-8: Preparation, adoption of master plan for the Highlands Region.

13:20-9: Consultations, etc. relative to preparation, revisions of regional master plan.

13:20-10: Goals of regional master plan.

13:20-11: Contents of regional master plan.

13:20-12: Additional contents of regional master plan.

13:20-13: Use of regional master plan elements for TDR program.

13:20-14: Submission of revisions to regional master plan by municipalities, counties in preservation area for conformance.

13:20-15: Municipalities, counties in planning area may petition council relative to revision.

13:20-16: Council may provide comments, recommendations on projects.

13:20-17: Review by council of regional applications for development.

13:20-18: Qualification for State aid, grants.

13:20-19: "Highlands Protection Fund"; use.

13:20-20: Council to provide legal representation to local units, conditions.

13:20-21: Guidelines, instructions to local government units.

13:20-22: Plans, regulations entitled to strong presumption of validity.

13:20-23: Regional master plan considered in allocation of prospective fair housing share.

13:20-24: Modification of site improvement standards for residential development.

13:20-25: Council may institute action, proceeding for injunctive relief.

13:20-26: Council decision deemed final agency action, appellate review.

13:20-27: Annual report of council.

13:20-28: Exemptions.

13:20-29: Agricultural, horticultural development, review required; enforcement.

13:20-30: Highlands Preservation Area, major development approvals; required, fee schedule.

13:20-31: Adoption of rules, regulations; procedure.

13:20-32: Rules, regulations, standards.

13:20-33: Highlands permitting review program.

13:20-34: Review of applications.

13:20-35: Violations, certain, civil actions, penalties.