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Chapter: 8A -

13:8A-1: Short title

13:8A-2: Legislative findings

13:8A-3: Definitions

13:8A-4: Acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes; grants to assist local units acquire lands

13:8A-5: Considerations to guide commissioner in acquiring lands and making grants

13:8A-6: Manner of acquisition; statement of intended acquisition

13:8A-7: Rules and regulations governing administration, operation and use of lands

13:8A-8: Manner of acquisition of lands by local unit with state assistance

13:8A-9: Conditions precedent to local assistance grant; terms and conditions of grant; acceptance by local unit

13:8A-10: Conditions precedent to local assistance grant; rules and regulations governing administration, operation and use of lands

13:8A-11: Grants by state treasurer upon approval by commissioner; amount of grant

13:8A-12: Acquisition of lands subject to rights of another; conservation easements

13:8A-13: Disposal of acquired land; disposition of returned moneys

13:8A-14: Discrimination prohibited

13:8A-15: Sale of lands by local unit to state

13:8A-16: Powers of commissioner

13:8A-17: Appropriation

13:8A-18: Effective date

13:8A-19: Short title

13:8A-20: Legislative findings

13:8A-21: Definitions

13:8A-22: Use of moneys

13:8A-23: Guidelines in acquisition of lands and making grants

13:8A-24: Acquisition of lands; purchase; eminent domain; declaration of taking; filing; deposit of estimated compensation; notice; right to possession; adjustm

13:8A-25: Rules and regulations on administration, operation and use of acquired lands

13:8A-26: Acquisition of lands by local units

13:8A-27: Grant to assist local unit to acquire lands for recreation and conservation use; conditions

13:8A-28: Grant to local unit; prerequisite of adoption of regulations governing administration, use and development of lands; alteration of regulations; approv

13:8A-29: Grants; payment upon certification of approval; limitation

13:8A-30: Power to acquire lands subject to leases or conservation easements

13:8A-31: Use of acquired lands

13:8A-32: Prohibition of discrimination in use of lands

13:8A-33: Sale of lands to state by local unit

13:8A-34: Assistance rendered by commissioner to help in acquisition of lands

13:8A-35: Short title

13:8A-36: Legislative findings

13:8A-37: Definitions

13:8A-38: Use of funds

13:8A-39: Considerations in acquisition and development of lands and in grants to assist local units

13:8A-40: Acquisition of lands; purchase or condemnation

13:8A-41: Rules and regulations governing administration, operation and use

13:8A-42: Acquisition of land by local unit with state aid

13:8A-43: Grant to assist local unit; conditions

13:8A-44: Regulations by local unit governing administration and use of lands

13:8A-45: Grants by commissioner; limitation on amount

13:8A-46: Lands subject to occupation for term or to conservation easement; acquisition

13:8A-47: Use, disposal of land acquired by local unit for other than recreation, conservation purposes; exceptions

13:8A-48: Disposition of lands acquired by State; approval

13:8A-49: Acquisition of lands by lease with minimum term of 25 years; use for recreation facilities

13:8A-50: Operation and maintenance of property or facilities by local unit

13:8A-51: Restrictions on use due to race, sex, nationality, or residence; prohibition

13:8A-52: Acquisition of lands from local unit by state; private sale

13:8A-53: Powers of commissioner

13:8A-54: Appropriation of money in state recreation and conservation land acquisition and development fund; use

13:8A-55: Comprehensive master plan; acquisition, development and use of open lands; annual report

13:8A-56: Certain public parking lots, use for commuter parking.