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Chapter: 1F -

13:1F-1: Short title

13:1F-1a: Inapplicability of pesticide control act to certain insect inspections.

13:1F-2: Legislative findings

13:1F-3: Definitions

13:1F-4: Orders, rules and regulations; application of federal law and regulations

13:1F-4.1: Rules, regulations relative to application of pesticide products near beehives and beeyards; registration.

13:1F-5: Adoption, amendment or repeal of rule or regulation; notice to interested party of determination

13:1F-6: Pesticide control council; creation; members; term of office; compensation

13:1F-7: Powers and duties

13:1F-8: Advice to commissioner on proposed regulations

13:1F-9: Additional powers

13:1F-10: Violations, enforcement, remedies.

13:1F-11: Detained or embargoed pesticide; illegal sale, label, use or application; tag; permission to use

13:1F-12: Powers, duties and functions of department under other laws; effect of act

13:1F-13: Ordinances, rules or regulations of municipality, county or board of health; effect of act

13:1F-14: Construction of act; severability

13:1F-15: Pesticide held, used, distributed, sold or offered for sale or delivered for transportation or transported in intrastate commerce; annual registration

13:1F-16: Violations; securement or impoundment; hearing; disposition

13:1F-17: Registration fee exemption

13:1F-18: Definition

13:1F-19: Short title

13:1F-20: Findings, declarations relative to the "School Integrated Pest Management Act."

13:1F-21: Definitions relative to the "School Integrated Pest Management Act"

13:1F-22: Development of model school integrated pest management policy

13:1F-23: Designation of integrated pest management coordinator

13:1F-24: Maintenance of records of pesticide application; notices of policy

13:1F-25: Permitted use of certain pesticides; notice

13:1F-26: Posting of sign prior to use of certain pesticides

13:1F-27: Applicability of notice and posting requirements

13:1F-28: Emergency use of certain pesticides

13:1F-29: Prohibited use of certain pesticides

13:1F-30: Immunity from liability of commercial pesticide applicator

13:1F-31: Development, availability of form for certifying compliance

13:1F-32: Issuance of administrative order; notice of violation

13:1F-33: Rules, regulations